Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pictures from the Membership drive class

Here are some pictures from the IYNAUS membership drive class held at Clear Spring Studio today.  It was taught by: Leann Billups, Val Rios,  Devon Deterich, Anne Shultz, Gillian Barksdale, Peggy Kelley, myself, and Esta Herold.  Here is the sequence:

Invocation  10:30-10:32   Jointly lead
Virasana  Cycle  Leann 10:33 

AMS   Leann
Tadasana  Leann
Urdhva  Baddanguiliasana  Val   10:45
Gomukasana   Arms   Val
AMS    Val 

Adho mukha vrksasana   Devon  10:55

 pincha mayurasana      Devon. 
Sirsasana    Anne  11:00 

Parsva  Sirasana  Anne
Paryankasana with Brick  Anne 11:05 

Ustrasana Gillian 11:10-11:15 

Dhanurasana   Gillian  11:15-11:20
Parsva  Dhanurasana    Gillian 11:20-11;25
Utthita Ardha Bhekasana Peggy 11:25-11:30
Ardha Bhekasana  Peggy  11:30-11:35 

Full  Bhekasana   Peggy  11:35-11:40
Bhujangasana   Mary 11:40-11:45
 Chair  Dwi  Pada  Mary 11:45-11:50 

Urdhva  D from  Chair  Mary  11:50-11:55
Urdhva D from  Two  Bolsters  Anne 11:55-12:00 

Urdhva D from Floor   Devon 12:00-12:05 

Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana Peggy  12:05-12:10

Hanuman   Peggy 12:10-12:15 

Chair  Twists  Esta  12:15-12:20 

Ardha Halasana  Esta   12:20-12:25 

Savasana  Anne   12:25-12:30 

Now, I know what you are thinking, "Dang, I wish I was there."  Don't fret, you can still join IYNAUS and reap the great benefits.  And there was talk of having another class like this one sometime in the fall.  Stay tuned.