Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Rope Wall

If you have ever taken a class at an Iyengar yoga studio, you know about the rope wall.
However, you may not be ready to change your entire living space to have a rope wall in your home.  Or perhaps, you are not ready for the questioning looks you receive when a guest sees something like this in your house:

(if you want to build something like this, click here)

 With many thanks to my teacher, Karuna Nicols, you can have a modified rope wall any time you like!  All you need is a dowel and two straps:

First, attach each strap to the dowel:

Place the dowel and straps over a door:

Close the door, rear view:

Rope wall view:

Show your cat that this toy is yours:

Time to experiment with the new toy.  The other cat is trying to bite my arm.

He gets kicked out of the room for the next pose:

Using both straps to get some lift:

Getting some lift the other way around:

Sometimes, you have to share:

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