Monday, November 17, 2014

Use what you have

I have heard that BKS Iyengar started using props that he found.  Cement bricks became the foam or wooden blocks that we use today.  He used what he could find.
So what about those times when you travel and you don't have your belt and three blankets, how will you do your inversions?  

I travel by train.

Here is a picture of my yoga room for the next 24 hours
  While there are times when there is a layover, I feel odd doing down dog on a train platform.  Although, I sometimes sneak around a corner to do a handstand or standing pose.  Luckily, in my sleeper the seats go flat, and I can have a seated and supine practice. It was only on this trip, as I mulled over an execellent Paul Cabanis restorative, did I figure out a way to get a longer inversion. 
I used the luggage rack for viparita karani.

I also experimented with a standing pose. There's a lot of movement on a train, but I was able to wedge myself into Virabhadrasana 3
That's all for the selfies and uneven hips.

Stay warm. 

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