Monday, June 30, 2014

Being a guest

Last week my mom and I drove to El Paso with to deliver my sister's cat Nepo back to her.  We stayed for a short visit.  Although her apartment has carpet, she has many good props disguising themselves as furniture.  Next time your staying as a guest somewhere, see what is around to give new life to your poses.

Here is a little backbending sequence using whatever was nearby.

Staring out with some standing poses:

This overhanging kitchen counter was a nice surprise.  It's a little like using a horse/tressler in an Iyengar studio.  I would love something like this at home.  I enjoyed being able to press into something with the top hand.

Another use for the kitchen counter - a great shoulder stretch.

Not only are cat trees great ways to spoil your cats, they make great props.  This one was especially good given all the different levels.

Grab two pillows and you can have a great supported backbend in supta sukhasana.  I wish Nepo would stay on my thighs, but cats can be difficult to train.

My sister had these great bar stools that were almost perfect for supported backbends.

I say almost perfect because I couldn't quite reach the support bar between the legs.  It would be nice to wrap my feet and/or my hands around that bar.

Now, I don't have this type of couch at home, but oh my, is it great for supported setu bandha.   I just grabbed a cushion off the futon, placed it under my shoulders, and bliss was achieved.

Special thanks to Nepo, the guest kitty.  He's using me as a prop.

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