Saturday, May 24, 2014

Phases of the moon

I have an affinity for Ardha Chandrasana.  It feels so light and open.  Today will travel around the wall for the many phases of "Half Moon" pose.

 Starting with the back to the wall.  This variation gives the most support.  It allows opening in the chest and a guide for the shoulders.

Turning the pose 90 degrees, the top hand uses the wall for balance as well as rotation in the upper chest.

Turning another 90 degrees to face the wall, this variation gives me the most ability to turn my torso by pressing my upper hand into the wall.

 In the final phase, the foot is at the wall for balance and support.  This version feels the most like the free standing version.  It's also nice to have something for your foot to press into.

So now, the lunar cycle is complete.  I do have some more fun ideas to try in Ardha Chandrasana.

By placing a strap on my back foot and holding it in my top arm, I'm assisting in the lift of my flying leg, give direction to the flying leg, and make my top arm work and extend.

The final attempt for the day is something I figured out when goofing around with my props.  Now I happen to have legs about as long as a 6' looped strap:
You will have to measure your own leg.  If you are taller than 5'3" and do not have a strap longer than 6', this will not work for you.  Measure the length of your leg near the top of your hip to the floor.  The looped strap will need to be this long.  Try this against a wall to begin.

Place the loop around the standing leg and hook it into the flying leg.  This will give the lovely "thigh back" action that needs to occur in the front leg to keep the hips from cramping.   It really is a lovely feeling.  My top arm is a little too far back, in this picture.  Just ignore that. 

Enjoy your props.

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  1. I love this pose also. My favorite is back foot to the wall, it makes me feel like I'm flying.