Sunday, April 20, 2014

Prop up your Tadasana

Today my friend Melissa demonstrates Tadasana.

 Place a block between your feet.  Feel the way your feet touch the block.  Notice the weight distribution in your feet.

Place a block between your thighs.  Squeeze in to the block, activating the inner thighs.  Notice if this does anything toward straightening your legs.

Place a strap around your calves with your feet hip width apart.  Press out into the strap, activating the outer thighs.  Notice what this does to your legs.  You can also try this with the strap on the thighs.

Place a looped strap around your wrists.  Press out into the strap and feel the effect on your triceps and shoulder blades - and the lift of your chest

Now stand in Tadasana without any props with the memory of all of those actions.

He's watching you.

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